Infections caused by pathogenic organisms in a healthcare environment are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Reducing the risk of these infections can mean the difference between optimal patient outcomes and long hospital stays or rehospitalizations. When medical curtains create breeding grounds for bacteria, increasing the incidence of pathogenic organisms, the NoJerm Privacy Screen offers hospitals a safer, cleaner alternative while saving hospitals money and time.


What Is the NoJerm Privacy Screen?

The NoJerm Privacy Screen gives medical facilities a flexible way to offer patients privacy with a lower risk of infection. Its non-textured surfaces prevent bacterial growth while allowing for complete cleaning with no hidden or unreachable areas. This privacy screen promotes infection prevention by making it more difficult for bacteria to infect patients in a medical setting.

The NoJerm Privacy Screen controls infections transmitted in healthcare environments. It offers an easy way to provide patient care while benefitting hospitals and other healthcare organizations financially and ensuring that staff can utilize their resources effectively. The NoJerm Privacy Screen is easy to integrate into any medical setting workflow with its flexibility and portability while making the cleaning process more efficient and promoting safety in medical environments.


How Is the NoJerm Privacy Screen Different From Medical Curtains?

The NoJerm Privacy Screen offers a great ROI. Since it doesn’t require laundering the way privacy curtains do, it saves staff time and reduces the expenses necessary to keep it clean. The NoJerm Privacy Screen’s durability means that it doesn’t get damaged as easily as medical curtains, which can tear, stain and need more frequent replacements.

NoJerm’s Privacy Screen can help hospitals avoid penalties that come with the continued spread of pathogenic organisms. Because the Privacy Screen lasts longer, it saves facilities the cost of disposing of privacy curtains that are no longer fit for use. During a time when portability and flexible systems are an asset to medical care, NoJerm Privacy Screens make it possible to create private spaces beyond a stationary track like curtains. Hospital staff can clean these privacy screens where they stand, reducing the risk of potential widespread contamination that happens when carrying medical curtains through a facility. By implementing the NoJerm Privacy Screen, medical facilities protect patients and staff with durable, sanitary and flexible privacy accommodations.


How NoJerm Prioritizes Patient Health

When infections caused by pathogenic organisms in a healthcare environment cost an average of $30 billion in the U.S. alone, the NoJerm Privacy Screen can significantly reduce those costs by lowering the risk of such infections. By controlling the growth and spread of bacteria, the NoJerm Privacy Screen aids in maintaining good hygiene. These privacy screens keep medical facilities clean and work to build trust between patients and hospitals. They allow patients, staff and visitors to feel safe receiving care when they know they will leave the facility without worrying about further infection.

The NoJerm Privacy Screen leads to a high ROI for hospitals by saving money on replacement, washing and repair. With easy-to-clean surfaces, it reduces the burden on hospital staff and allows them to give their attention to patients and important projects within the facility.

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