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Our Mission

Varidyn provides environmental infection control solutions that are driven by the newest technologies. Our solutions are for the most challenging circumstances in healthcare and are designed to equally drive effectiveness, efficiency and a high ROI.

We use advanced robotics and sophisticated technologies to provide the most effective solutions for disinfection at a cost-effective process.

All our solutions are customized to our clients to ensure they fit their individual needs and situations.

Varidyn was spun out from Avantik, which has been serving the healthcare industry since 1971.

Our Vision

To reimagine environmental infection control by leading the transformation through research, innovation and technology and build lasting relationships within the healthcare community that deliver the highest level of care to patients and staff.

Our Core Values

Innovative: Varidyn is committed to drive innovation through research to discover the best ways to to eliminate microorganisms in the environment.

Excellence: We strive to excel in every aspect of our business and approach every challenge with a determination to succeed.​

Simplicity: We are determined to provide solutions that are simple to use and simple to implement.​

Compassion: The highest level of patient and staff care is an inherent part of all our thinking.​

Collaborative: The best solutions are realized through an integral approach to bridge the newest innovations in technology and customize them to the individual needs of our clients.

Contact Us Today!

Find out how you can save money and improve your infection prevention

and control.

Tel: (800) 827-3035