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Emesis Support

Designed to be used with Hygenic Covers (vomit bag) and to capture vomit in all situations. The super-absorbent pad inserted in each Hygienic Cover solidifies 600 mL or more of body fluids in seconds eliminating spills and splashes.

It can be hooked to the bed side bar or commode and the multiple handles around the support allow for a better grip.

  • Containment Isolation
  • Easy-grip
  • Multi-functional (colostomy bag)
  • Easy storage (stackable)
  • 100% recyclable

Emesis Support Hygienic Cover with Absorbent Pad

Hygienic Covers for vomit supports help contain contaminants at the source and include a super-absorbent pad that solidifies vomit in seconds eliminating spills and splashes.

  • Includes a super-absorbent pad
  • No cross-contamination
  • No Transportation
  • Recommended for all units or all types of situations (emergencies, oncology, medicine, ambulances, etc.)