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Use cutting edge technologies to control pathogenic organisms in the environment

Cost Effective

Cost matters and we are providing the most cost-effective processes for pathogen control


Our solutions are scalable from small applications to system wide usage

Patient Satisfaction

Our products increase patient and employee satisfaction

Reduced Downtime

Our products enable you to significantly reduce downtime of rooms and sections


We customize our solutions to your individual needs and ensure a 100% fit for you

Our Products

The UVD Robot® Model C has been designed based on feedback from infection prevention specialists to be part of a regular cleaning routine, and aims at reducing bacteria, bioburden, and other types of harmful organic micro organisms in the environment.

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NoJerm Privacy Screen

The best way to prevent germs that cause various diseases.

Varidyn’s NoJerm Privacy Screens can be utilized for multiple purposes in unlimited locations, and their durable, long-lasting material that is made for easy cleaning makes them more cost-effective.


See the UV Disinfection Robot in Action

The UVD Robot is 9 times more cost effective

than manual UV-C devices

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We provide environmental infection control solutions that are driven by the newest technologies. Our solutions are for the most challenging circumstances in healthcare and are designed to equally drive effectiveness, efficiency and a high ROI.

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