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Bedpan Support

Used with Hygienic covers, the Hygie Bedpan Support is the perfect solution to contain pathogens. It combines the characteristics of the orthopaedic bedpan and the standard bedpan. Your staff will never have to handle stool again, clean and disinfect soiled equipment. Recommendation: one support per patient per stay

  • Increased stability
  • Easy handling
  • Easy storage (stackable)
  • 100% recyable

Bedpan Hygienic Cover (commode) with Absorbent Pad

The Bedpan/Commode Hygienic cover is the perfect solution to effectively manage and contain body wastes at point of care. Its unique super absorbent pad included in each cover (liner) is designed to turn more than 700 mL of body fluids (urine, blood and feces) into gel within seconds.

  • Made from recycled materials
  • Pad made of 100% recycled materials 
  • Solidifies 700 mL or more of liquids