Other Features and Benefits

Varidyn’s HHMS system is a vital addition to organizations when one in 25 patients in America contracts an HAI at some point. This system creates an environment where staff can administer care safely, and patients feel comfortable receiving it.

At a reduced cost to similar systems, HHMS organizations will see higher hand hygiene compliance with greater features and benefits. It reduces readmissions, lowers treatment costs, and maintains better health among staff.

Some of the benefits that you will see when utilizing HHMS in your facility are:


  • Robust task management system for both Environmental Services and Infection Prevention 
  • Downloadable reports for hand hygiene compliance
  • Alerts when fill level and batteries are low 
  • Reporting with heatmaps on dispenser status and utilization
  • 750 ml and 1250 ml sizes are available based on organization usage needs
  • Free-standing and wall-mounted functionality
  • A touchless dispenser that promotes infection prevention 
  • 26% fewer days with antibiotic treatment in hospitals
  • 28% fewer HAIs contracted by receiving treatment in a hospital
  • A 31% increase in hand sanitizer use by hospital staff
  • A high ROI with technology to prevent infections within the facility
  • Recyclable materials to prevent waste in a facility