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NoJerm Privacy Screen

NoJerm Privacy Screens from Varidyn are designed with control of infectious pathogens in mind. They are easy to clean and disinfect between patients, and unlike hospital curtains, there is no need to remove them daily, weekly or even monthly for laundering. They stay bacteria-free by having no joints, curtain tracks or textured surfaces for germs to hide and multiply.

When given NoJerm Privacy Screens, patients reported feeling more secure and had a higher rate of satisfaction than when traditional hospital curtains were used.

You can quickly create a separate room within a room

They are designed specifically to control the spread of pathogens from the start

Where curtains need to be regularly laundered or replaced, NoJerm Privacy Screens have a hard, cleanable surface that is easily wiped down like any other piece of furniture

They offer a more sterilized environment and also reduce sound travel, allowing private conversations to be held a few feet away from neighboring beds

They are built to last and can be folded up and disinfected easily in any healthcare setting

The screens are compatible with all major cleaning disinfection solutions and are easy to implement into your daily cleaning routine

They can either be wall-mounted for more permanent use or transported portably for rapid deployment where patient isolation and privacy is required

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