Proper hand hygiene in a healthcare setting is essential for reducing and preventing pathogenic organisms in healthcare facilities. Quality hand hygiene systems can help healthcare facilities monitor their workers’, patients’, and visitors’ hygiene habits and identify where extra soap and sanitizer dispensers may be needed.

Compared to conventional hand hygiene systems, the Hand Hygiene Monitoring System (HHMS) by Varidyn offers an overview of compliance, greater efficiency, reduced infection rates, and high ROI. Here’s more about how this system works and how it can benefit any healthcare facility.

What Is the Hand Hygiene Monitoring System?

The HHMS is a hand hygiene system with smart technology that can be managed and tracked using a cloud-based portal. This system collects real-time data on each dispenser, such as compliance, usage rates and refills. This data can be conveniently viewed and downloaded by staff at any time on smartphones and computers, allowing healthcare facilities to track hand hygiene compliance, how often these systems are being used and how much soap or sanitizer is being dispensed.

These systems are touchless, which is key to preventing infections that commonly occur in healthcare settings. 

The HHMS is available in two sizes: 750 ml and 1,250 ml. Its system can either be mounted to the wall or left free-standing. Its online portal allows healthcare workers to spend more time caring for patients than dealing with direct observations, tracking dispenser refills and other maintenance issues.

How Does the HHMS Online Portal Work?

The online portal for Varidyn’s HHMS is powered by a system called Kanary that links to these devices and tracks their use. Healthcare workers can log into Kanary to view hand hygiene compliance, dispenser utilization and receive tasks when it’s time for them to be refilled.

Certain notifications inform when the batteries in any given dispenser are running low and which dispensers are being used the least. This allows healthcare workers to relocate a certain dispenser to a higher-traffic area where it may be more utilized. Usage is always tracked at the dispensers reducing the possibility of tricking the system.

What Are the Pros Of Using HHMS Sanitizers and Soap Bottles?

The plastic bottles that go into the HHMS are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. These bottles feature unique nozzles that do not drip or clog, which cuts down on the amount of time and money that would otherwise be spent on adding an extra product or fixing clog-related problems. Additionally, our line of hand sanitizers is available in foams and gels that are designed to kill 99.9% of the common germs that cause illness. Our Antibacterial Hand Soap is formulated with skin conditioners and moisturizers that gently clean and leave your hands softened and conditioned.

How Does the HHMS Stand Up Against Conventional Hand Hygiene Systems?

Conventional hand hygiene systems work similarly to the HHMS by Varidyn. They may be useful at preventing infection and pathogenic organisms in healthcare settings; however, they don’t offer consumers an online portal and, therefore, no compliance reports or data. This leaves users of conventional systems unaware of the amount of product being used and of when dispensers need to be refilled. Conventional system bottles can also lack in design and technology when it comes to preventing clogs and drips, which means their products often require regular maintenance and replacing.

Doctors and healthcare facilities looking for effective pathogen control products can turn to Varidyn for everything they need to accomplish their disinfection goals and keep their staff, patients, and visitors safe from illness and disease. Contact Varidyn today at 800-827-3035 for more information about our many available infection control products and services.