Online Portal

Directly observing hygiene practices costs more and takes attention away from caring for patients. Varidyn’s HHMS system uses Kanary, an online portal that connects to the device, to track its use. It then sends notifications for:

  • Which dispensers need to be refilled
  • If a dispenser needs to be relocated
  • When to replace its batteries
  • When a dispenser disconnects from WiFi
  • Ability to set up custom tasks and protocols for cleaning and infection prevention

The system collects real-time data and sends it to smartphones or larger displays, making the information accessible and visible. Staff can even share selected hygiene data on a screen for patients to view and create reports to summarize system use. The HHMS encourages accountability by tracking overall usage to show:

  • How often it is used
  • How much product is used
  • Heatmaps based on which dispenser is used
  • Hourly, daily, and weekly use