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Sani Nudge Hand Hygiene Monitoring

Enhancing hand hygiene in every setting, from hospitals and healthcare facilities to restaurants, offices, and beyond. Our innovative hand hygiene solution is designed to promote a safer and healthier environment for everyone.

Monitor hand hygiene compliance, prevent outbreaks and many more safety solutions in one simple platform.

With Sani Nudge, you will know the exact situation of the hand hygiene compliance culture in your facility in real-time. Identify areas that need improvement, understand how to drive change and track the progress over time.  Our customer success team will partner with you to drive lasting behavior change by implementing positive reinforcement programs that increase individual accountability and improve staff habits.

Hear how we can help you reach the Leapfrog Safety Grade.

Reduce staff sick
leave by


infections by


Improve hand hygiene
Compliance by


Key Benefits


Ensures hand hygiene is a part of every patient interaction. Accurate measurement leads to accountability and lasting behavior change.



Sani Nudge is easy and fast to implement. It requires no involvement from IT and is compatible with your existing dispensers.

Actionable Insights

Our intuitive software provides validated data making it easy to take informed decisions on improving compliance.

How It Works

Sani Sensor

New and existing dispensers are fitted with a Sani Sensor that captures when staff use them. The sensor is vendor agnostic, and works with any existing dispenser including gel, soap, foam and motion activated models.

Sani ID

Every hospital employee receives a badge, enabling facility-wide participation to improve Hand Hygiene performance. Badges are unobtrusive, attached to existing name tags, and last up to 2 years. Hygiene events and visits are captured seamlessly without impact to staffs workflow.


A sensor is placed at the headboard of the bed, which creates an invisible zone in either the room or patient area. It is the only commercial system available to distinguish between when staff is in patient contact or delivering a message. It can even detect between beds in multibed patient rooms and works with both the WHO and CDC standards.


An intuitive dashboard provides employees with performance metrics at a glance, so they know where to focus and make more informed decisions that meaningfully impact their compliance. Customisable compliance reports are automatically emailed and available on-demand from any desktop or mobile device to the individual healthcare worker.

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