Disinfectants: What Does Your Facility Need?

Infections in the hospital affect an estimated one in 31 patients on any given day. Healthcare facilities that use the latest cleaning and disinfection technologies can keep staff and patients protected against pathogens that commonly lead to disease.

Varidyn understands how disinfectant protocols vary among healthcare facilities and can help every facility create its own ideal individualized cleaning and disinfection plan.

Here are disinfectant products by Varidyn that can help with infection control while improving safety and increasing ROI.

SaniZide Plus® Spray

This alcohol-free, multipurpose solution can disinfect and deodorize all hard, non-porous surfaces. SaniZide Plus Spray is non-corrosive and EPA-registered, and it meets non-hazardous shipping requirements and the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. In addition to controlling mold and mildew, this disinfectant is effective against the virus that causes COVID-19 and is ideal for use in a wide variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, ambulances and laboratories.

SaniZide Plus Spray comes in cases of six 32-ounce spray bottles and in cases of four 1-gallon refill bottles.

SaniZide Pro 1® Spray

The SaniZide Pro 1 Spray has an intense bacteria-destroying power that can destroy and reduce bacteria within one minute. This formula is effective against 48 microorganisms, including MRSA, tuberculosis and the virus that causes COVID-19, and it can be safely used in healthcare settings.

This disinfectant spray comes in cases of six bottles—each containing 32 ounces of solution.

SaniZide Pro 1® Wipes

SaniZide Pro 1 Wipes offer the same power and efficacy at reducing disease-causing pathogens as their spray counterpart. These wipes can be used to disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces in every type of healthcare setting and are also effective at disinfecting NoJerm privacy screens.

These sanitizing wipes are sold by the case—each containing 12 canisters of 150 pre-moistened wipes.

Chlorinated Disinfecting Tablets

These hospital-grade disinfecting tablets can be dissolved in water and used to destroy pathogen-causing viruses, fungi and bacteria. The solution produced by Varidyn’s Chlorinated Disinfecting Tablets can be applied to surfaces using spray bottles, wipes, cloths, sponges, brushes, mops, or electrostatic sprayers. Other benefits of using this EPA-registered disinfectant include a fast dissolving time, odor elimination, accurate dosing and no required rinsing. The Chlorinated Disinfecting Tablets are a replacement for any bleach product and are effective against C diff, C auris and many other pathogens. They are Neutral PH with an HMIS Rating in solution of 0-0-0 and are safe for staff, patients and surfaces.

This product can be purchased by the case, each containing six bottles of 120 tablets per bottle.

Battery Operated Super Sprayer

The Battery Operated Super Sprayer by Varidyn is a triggerless, rechargeable sprayer that can easily and quickly clean and disinfect nearly all surfaces. It helps prevent finger fatigue and repetitive finger-use injuries, and it pairs well with Varidyn’s Chlorinated Disinfecting Tablets. Every charge lasts 60 minutes of use, and the bottles are designed to prevent leaks. This helps healthcare facilities avoid frequent solution replacements so they can maintain high ROI.

The Battery Operated Super Sprayer can be purchased individually or in sets of 12.

Varidyn has everything you need to accomplish your disinfection goals so you can keep your staff, patients and visitors safe—including Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring, Fluid Management Solutions, NoJerm privacy screens, and disposable curtains. Call Varidyn at 800-827-3035 today to receive more information about our many products and services.

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