The Laws of Physics

The laws of physics govern UV-C light. Shadowing and distance to surface have limitations. This is not the case for the UV Disinfection Robot, as it can reposition itself to minimize shadow and reduce the radiation distance. When the disinfection process is complete, the robot will compile a comprehensive disinfection report for your records.

Financial Benefits

UV-C light is a proven method against the spread of pathogens and viruses. Traditional UV-C disinfection stationary methods are limited however, due to the laws of physics, where distance and shadows play an integral role in achieving optimal disinfection effectiveness. The UV Disinfection Robot removes these limitations and at the same time, saves you substantial money and time.


Case Study – Surgical Suite

The UV Disinfection Robot performed a disinfection of an entire surgical suite of 17 rooms including corridors. The entire disinfection was completed in under 2 hours and involved less than 10 minutes manual labor. The surgical suite was made up of a shared recovery area and 4 individual surgical suite units, each with its own anesthetic room, scrub room, and prep room.