Infections caused by pathogenic organisms in a healthcare environment are an issue that have been increasing significantly in healthcare. Each year, millions of patients are infected by viruses and pathogens that are transmitted through the hospital environment. These infections also create a considerable financial burden.

The Varidyn UVD Robot utilizes a technologically advanced solution to disinfection, reducing the risk of infection, increased hospital labor and operational costs. Properly disinfecting all surfaces in a patient room can be extremely time-consuming and somewhat challenging. The UVD Robot fights infections and kills 99.99% of germs quickly and accurately, saving you time and money.


Types of Pathogenic Organisms include:

  • C. Diff
  • MRSA
  • Urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  • Pneumonia
  • Meningitis
  • Surgical site infections
  • Gastroenteritis

The healthcare facility is responsible for controlling pathogenic organisms in the environment and following the recommended guidelines for sterilization and disinfection. When the proper steps are taken, the risk of contracting infection can decrease. That’s where Varidyn’s UVD Robots can be utilized as an effective tool in the control of pathogenic organisms.

What is the UVD Robot?

Varidyn’s UVD Robot is the world’s first and only fully autonomous, self-driving robotic platform with integrated UV-C light technology that disinfects the whole room. UV-C light is a proven method that fights against the spread of pathogens and viruses decreasing distance and shadows to achieve optimal disinfection effectiveness. Through the laws of physics, stationary UV-C methods were limited to the areas they could reach, however, the UVD Robot removes these limitations by being fully autonomous, driving itself around rooms with the UVC light on and disinfecting significantly improving disinfection and saving your hospital cleaning staff money and time.

The UVD Robot:

  • Reduces the spread of infectious microorganisms in the environment
  • Is safe, user friendly, reliable and easy to operate by existing cleaning staff
  • Can kill up to 99.99% of pathogenic organisms that are found in healthcare environments
  • Is a fully autonomous mobile platform that emits concentrated UV-C light onto low, medium and high-touch surfaces in support of normal cleaning routines
  • Has a standard process that doesn’t need to be manually influenced
  • Moves positions without human interaction, drastically reducing shadow areas which stationary UV-C light operations can miss
  • Disinfects rooms in 10-15 minutes

In a case study done on a surgical suite, the UVD Robot disinfected an entire surgical suite consisting of 17 rooms, made up of a shared recovery room and 4 individual surgical suite units including corridors in under 2 hours. The UVD Robot comes in two distinct models to ensure that you get the most optimal disinfection effectiveness for your healthcare center’s needs.

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