Our UVD Robot is reliable and safe, providing increased efficiencies and has been proven to be 9 times more cost-effective than manual UV-C devices. The UVD Robot also eliminates human error by repeating its process with absolute precision time and time again. It takes no time at all to integrate it into your cleaning staff’s daily workflow.

How to Use the UV Disinfection Robot

  1. Order the UVD Robot
  2. Let the UVD Robot into the room
  3. Check the UVD Robot
  4. The UVD Robot autonomously disinfects
  5. Operator is notified of completion
  6. Let the UVD Robot out of the room

UVD Model B
The UVD Model B is a fully autonomous mobile platform that emits concentrated UV-C light onto high, medium and low touch surfaces in support of normal cleaning routines. It helps to prevent and reduce the spread of infectious microorganisms in the environment in a safe, reliable and user-friendly manner by being an autonomous mobile solution to cleaning needs. Its fast and efficient disinfection process has been proven to cut costs as well as HAIs.

UVD Model C
This third-generation UVD Robot model has been designed based on feedback from infection prevention specialists to be part of a regular cleaning routine. It aims to reduce the spread of infectious diseases, bacteria and other environmental, harmful microorganisms and pathogens. This agile robot has new features that raise it to a higher level of infection prevention. It can disinfect small and large areas just by driving by, and depending on the exposure time, the Model C can kill up to 99.99% of pathogens. It can disinfect a wide variety of surfaces and can also significantly reduce the bacterial count in the air.

Learn more about Varidyn’s UVD Robot

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