Varidyn’s NoJerm Privacy Screens can be utilized for multiple purposes in unlimited locations, and their durable, long-lasting material that is made for easy cleaning makes them more cost-effective. Other benefits include:

  • Panel design that reduces noise levels and limits light glare
  • Modular panels available in different lengths that provide flexibility
  • Fully waterproof
  • High-quality medical-grade locking castors for ease of mobility
  • No hidden crevices or joints for 100% accessibility for cleaning
  • Wall-mounted or portable options for easy reconfiguration
  • Quiet and easy to operate
  • Completely flat surfaces that do not allow bacteria to colonize

How to Use Privacy Screens for Infection Prevention & Control
With Varidyn’s NoJerm Privacy Screens:

  • You can quickly create a separate room within a room
  • They are designed specifically to prevent environmental infection from the start
  • Where curtains need to be regularly laundered or replaced, NoJerm Privacy Screens have a hard, cleanable surface that is easily wiped down like any other piece of furniture
  • They offer a more sterilized environment and also reduce sound travel, allowing private conversations to be held a few feet away from neighboring beds
  • They are built to last and can be folded up and cleaned easily in any healthcare setting
  • The screens are compatible with all major cleaning solutions and are easy to implement into your daily cleaning routine
  • They can either be wall-mounted for more permanent use or transported portably for rapid deployment where patient isolation and privacy is required