UV Robot

With healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) causing significant expenses in the medical industry, it’s more important than ever to find solutions for infection prevention. UVD Robots offer hospitals a way to disinfect beyond routine cleaning while controlling pathogenic organisms in the environment. By creating more sanitary hospital environments with a UVD Robot, medical facilities see increased ROI and save time and money.


What Is the UVD Robot?

The UVD Robot uses UVC disinfection to disinfect environments like hospitals using high-intensity light sources. With 10 minutes of disinfection time for an entire room, 99.99% of pathogens are eliminated, creating an efficient method of preventing infection in medical facilities. These UVC robots offer a solution that not only reduces these infections but also the expenses that come with them. The user-friendly design makes it easy for cleaning staff to operate them while breaking down bacteria, viruses and other harmful pathogens with less effort and in a shorter time.


How Can the UVD Robot Promote a High ROI?

Using robot disinfection with the UVD Robot generates a high ROI. Medical facilities face costs associated with frequent cleaning costs to control pathogenic organisms in the environment. The UVD Robot works toward environmental infection control solutions by effectively reducing bioburden spread with UVC light, which then reduces expenses associated with these infections.

UVC robot disinfection is fully autonomous (self-driving), so staff spends less time while still employing an even more effective solution than manual disinfection products and procedures. By increasing safety in medical facilities, patients trust hospitals to give them the care they seek with a dramatically lower risk of contracting additional infections.

The UVD Robot uses non-chemical disinfection to protect employees in less time. With UVD Robots, hospitals not only save money by reducing the resources needed for environmental infection control solutions but also decrease readmissions and length of hospital stay, leaving more beds open for patients who need care.


UVD Robots Are the Way of the Future

UVD Robots promote efficiency and allow for more automation within medical facilities in a way that benefits both staff and patients. They offer a new way to maintain disinfected spaces while keeping up with the increasing demands of the medical industry.

This technology increases productivity by reducing illness and sick leave, so employees can stay healthy and continue to work without disruption. It can also be used anywhere people are vulnerable to the spread of illness. As a result, increase their revenue while avoiding potential penalties related to the spread of illness.

With state-of-the-art cleaning tools, show their visitors that their facilities care about their well-being by protecting their health. Innovative technology like the UVD Robot combats C-Diff , C-Auris, and other evolving pathogens, reducing the spread of those illnesses and promoting peace of mind for patients and staff.

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